Supercharging self-esteem: how to build confidence in children

Confidence is a superpower for kids. It helps them enjoy challenges, take reasonable risks, try new things, and adjust well to school life. It can also buffer against social anxiety and school refusal. Parents and carers play a key role in building confidence up. Here are some tips to help.

First, praise their efforts, not just their achievements. Let them know you’re proud of their progress, no matter the outcome. Children also learn a lot by watching how you handle obstacles, so try to set a positive example. Next, instead of trying to fix every problem for children, try asking questions like What have you tried so far? or What do you think might happen if you try this? Breaking a problem down into smaller steps can also help kids learn to work through it.

In addition, show confidence in their abilities by letting them do things for themselves as soon as they’re ready. Encourage them to set some challenging but realistic goals and praise their progress. Let them know losing or making a mistake doesn’t mean failure, it means they’re learning.

And finally, laughing is a great way for kids to express emotions and feel good about themselves. Enjoy those moments together – it’s all part of building a positive connection where confidence can blossom.

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