Going Green

“Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”

Children are educated to understand the environment around them and how they can be responsible at nursery and at home to care for the world they live in. Recycling, composting, using sustainable materials, conserving water and being kind to our wildlife and the natural environment are just some of the ways we teach the children.

We work with the children, staff and parents to take responsibility for the effects of our nurseries on the environment by reducing our waste and conserving energy. Where possible we use sustainable, natural, reclaimed or recycled materials.

Nappy recycling

All our nappy waste is collected and either recycled or turned into energy diverting as much waste as we possibly can from landfill.


All our settings hold the National Eco Green Flag Award . The Eco-Schools programme raises environmental awareness within all of our nurseries and improves the nursery environment and the local community, engaging the children to become involved in a range of environmental activities and projects. For more information please visit the Eco School Website

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