We recognise that parents are children's first, most important educators and a strong relationship with children and their families are key to the learning and development of each child.

We work in partnership to build strong positive relationships with the parents and carers of all the children who attend our nurseries.

There are plenty of opportunities to be involved in your child’s progress at nursery, to meet with staff, network with other parents and become a part of our nursery community.

Key Person

Each child at nursery will have a key person who will support your child's learning and development throughout their time at nursery ensuring that their individual needs are met.

Your child’s key person will nurture your child through new challenges, experiences and opportunities, inspiring their natural curiosity. Developing a special bond with you and your child so you feel safe and confident in our care.

They will observe your child on a day to day basis while they are playing and exploring and will track and record their development onto your secure online journal ‘Parent Zone’. Your child's key person will feedback to you at the end of each day verbally and either through a daily diary or slip depending on the age of the child.

Your child's key person will work in partnership with you to support your child's learning both at nursery and at home.

Daily Feedback

Your child’s key person will communicate with you verbally on a daily basis about your child’s day at nursery and discuss any questions you may have. If your child is in the Baby Room or the Toddler Room you will also receive written information through a daily post on the ParentZone app. These record sleep times, feeds, nappy changes, medication any 'magic moments', learning and interests.


ParentZone is a system that allows you to view your child’s learning online. It is a smart phone app designed to bring you as a parent, closer to your child’s development in nursery. Your child’s achievements will be recorded and displayed in your child’s individual learning journey account by your child’s key person.

The online journal will include observations, assessments , photographs, WOW moments and examples of your child’s creativity. You can add your own comments and feedback, photographs, videos and moments from home. Your child’s online journal is always available for you to access and contribute to.

WOW moments

Wow moment allow you and the nursery to record special milestones in your child’s development. They don’t need to be amazing feats, just special to your child. So it may be that ‘Matthew took his first step" or “Chloe can write her name” During circle time children have the opportunity to sit together and share these special moments.

All About Me

When your child starts nursery you will be asked to reflect on what your child likes to do at home. You will receive an ‘All about Me’ sheet to bring with you for the first meeting. This gives you the opportunity to tell us more about your child’s interests and abilities, such as “My favourite story”; “I like to eat”; “I am fantastic at”; “I have just learned”.

Integrated Review at 2

All children go through reviews to identify and support their development needs. An ‘integrated review’ is simple the term used when information from two reviews is shared between your child’s health professional and their childcare provider. An integrated review allows a more complete picture of your child’s development to be created, bringing together information from parents, health care professionals and early years practitioners. This helps to ensure your child’s progress and strengths are identified and, if necessary, any needs are acted upon quickly. You will also receive a questionnaire called an ASQ-3 and an appointment for you and your child to meet their health professional when your child is two years old.

Parents’ Evenings

Held twice a year parent's evenings are a great opportunity for you to meet with your child’s key person and discuss in more detail your child’s development. You will also be able to go through their most recent assessment report. You may also arrange to have individual appointments anytime throughout the year

Stay & Play's

These are a fantastic opportunity for parents and grandparents to join in nursery activities with your child. We hold these sessions every month usually between 4.30-5.30 pm. It is also a good opportunity to talk to your child’s key worker as well as meeting other parents.

Nursery Community

You will have the opportunity to become involved in fundraising events, trips and the Christmas party. Parents are always welcome in the nursery to share skills and hobbies; lend a hand in the garden, or read a story.

The nursery website , blog, newsletters, our Facebook page and Twitter will also keep you regularly up to date with nursery news and information.

Policies and Procedures

Nursery policies are always readily available and we welcome feedback and suggestions to continually enrich the quality of the care we provide.

And of course you can call or email the nursery at any time.

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