Parent Zone

Your child's key person will nurture and support your child’s learning throughout their time at nursery and will observe your child on a day to day basis while they are playing and exploring. They will track and record their development onto your secure online journal ‘Parent Zone’ which you can access at any time through an app on your phone.

Your child’s journal will include monthly observations, special moments from the day, photographs, videos, ‘WOW’ moments and examples of your child’s creativity. You are notified via email anytime these are uploaded, and you can add your own comments and feedback too. What’s great about this journal is that you can also add your own photos, videos and moments from home especially any millstones your child may reach outside of nursery.

This two-way communication is such a great way to for us to develop a strong parental partnership with you and it also allows us to enhance our planning and play activities for your child whilst at nursery.

For further information on Parent Zone download the information sheet below.

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