Simple Steps to a Smoke Free Home

A smoke free home is a home where no one EVER smokes inside – without exception.

• Only smoke outside and take at least 7 steps away from the door. Close the door behind you if it is safe to do so.

• Keep an old coat, shoes and umbrella by the door. Store them in a covered area outside if possible. Wear them when you smoke, and take them off before you come inside

• Keep a jar of sand outside where you smoke for cigarette butts. Empty it each time you smoke.

• After smoking outside, wash your hands and if possible clean your teeth. Avoid breathing on young children for at least 30 mins.

• Tell friends, family and guests that your home is now smoke free before they arrive.

• If you are making your home smoke free, consider washing curtains and upholstery to remove any toxic chemicals.

• When you go smoke free, it is a good opportunity to give the house a spring clean or decorate.

• Put all lighters, cigarettes and vapes out of sight and reach of children

• Having a smoke free home also means that you are likely to cut down on smoking.

Take a step further by quitting. Contact Smokefree Hampshire, 01264 563039 or text QUIT to 66777.

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