Year of the Dog- Special visitor Max

As this year is the Chinese celebration of The Dog, to extend learning further at Portland House, Anne brought in her dog Max, to visit the children in the garden. The children stood at the edge of the garden with staff and Max stayed next to Anne on his lead. The children were told that they shouldn’t stroke and touch dogs that they do not know in order to keep safe.

Anne spoke to the children about the care that Max needs to keep him healthy. She showed the children the fluoride drops and the ridged dentastik which help to keep his teeth and gums healthy. Max showed the children how he chewed on the dentastik and they were surprised how quick he was able to eat it! Anne also demonstrated how she brushed his body to keep his fur and skin healthy and they watched as Anne put on Max’s harness which attaches to the seatbelt holder, keeping him safe in the car. One of the children responded by saying “like me”.

The children were excited to see some of Max’s clever tricks, they clapped Max retrieved his ball on his long lead when Anne threw it. Max showed the children that he understood the instructions Anne was giving him e.g. stay, leave, wait and take it. The children’s favourite trick was when Max said goodbye to the children. Each time they said goodbye to him, Max responded by putting his head up and howling. They laughed and wanted him to do it again and again.

Everyone enjoyed the visit, children, staff and Max “When can he come again?” asked one of the children as he was leaving.

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