We Won the Food Award at the Nursery World Awards 2023

We are so pleased to announce we are the winners of the nationwide Nursery World Award 2023 Food Award, recognising our commitment to food excellence and promoting healthy eating.

Ten members of the Portland Nurseries team represented the company at the black tie award ceremony at the Brewery in London tomorrow, Saturday 30th September.

Each of our sites have its own chef. The fabulous chefs along with a number of early years educators were selected to attend the event, as they embodied the companies approach to children’s health and well-being. As part of the selection process we demonstrated; how we provide a nutritious and balanced menu, how food is locally sourced, how it is cooked and served, as well as how we educate our staff, young children and families about the importance of healthy food choices and the benefits of exploring a variety of different flavours and cultures.

Children have the opportunity to be involved in food preparation as part of their learning activities during ‘Cooking Club’ in the Science Kitchens. Here they are able to practise a wide range of cooking skills. Children often help to peel vegetables, chop fruit, butter bread, crack eggs, knead and roll dough and measure and weigh ingredients.

As well as providing nutritious meals, happy mealtimes and opportunities to grow and prepare food the nurseries involve children in the making and using of compost to increase environmental awareness and understanding of nature and the lifecycle of food.

Managing Director, Anastasia Murphy, commented: “We are thrilled to be acknowledged nationally. We have held the Soil Association’s Early Year’s Food for Life Award since 2016 and have recently been awarded the Early Start Nutrition Award for our nutritious and diverse menus. Educating children and parents on the topic of healthy eating and nutrition is paramount at Portland Nurseries. We put a huge focus on a fresh and healthy, culturally diverse seasonal menu and we ensure children learn why a healthy diet is so important, so that they can make healthy choices now and for the rest of their lives. Our chefs and all Early Years Educators have worked hard involving the children in cooking activities and helping the children to understand the seed to plate process. The children love growing their own vegetables and helping to prepare meals and are always enthusiastic to try new recipes, so it is wonderful that the judges have recognised our efforts.”

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