Water Aid

To support Healthy Week we had a special visit from the Water Aid representative, Howard.

He told us a special story about Ababo, a little girl who lives in Ethiopia. She lives in a small shed, like in our garden, made from mud. She doesn’t have a bed or bedroom; she has to sleep on the floor. She doesn’t have a kitchen and she cooks her food outside on sticks and fire. She has not got a bathroom or toilet; in fact there is no water in the village. Ababo has to walk miles and miles to get water for her family from a muddy pond where insects live and animals drop waste, causing the water to be very dirty and give the people who drink it poorly tummies. Ababo has to walk miles for the water and carries it back for her family all by herself in buckets or cans. Usually it’s the mummies and girls who are carriers and they start this responsibility from the age of eight, which means they have to miss out on going to school and learning. Ababo and her family have no access to a toilet except in a muddy field which is messy, smelly and unclean, and can be very scary visiting at night. One day a kind lady from England, a representative for Water Aid, came to help Ababo and her family, and all the other villagers, by giving them money for resources to build wells to get clean water from under the ground close by. She taught the women how to look after the wells maintaining them for long periods of time and taught them about hygiene and washing hands using tippy taps.

Bluebells had fantastic listening ears, paying attention to Howard’s story and the sad things he shared with us and many of the children had good contributions to make. We talked about how lucky we are to have clean water and all the things we can do to save water.

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