Volcano Fun

The Harlequin preschool have been talking about volcanos and the children are very interested in lava and how it ‘comes out of the top’ of a mountain so we decided to make our very own to see how it comes out.

We started by making some playdough and putting it around a bottle to make it look like a mountain. We then put some ‘lava powder’ as the children called it, bicarbonate soda mixed with red powder paint, into the bottle. Then for the fun bit, we poured vinegar in as well and watched the volcano erupt. The children were amazed to see the lava come out of the top and pour down the sides. We spoke about how hot actual lava is and how we wouldn’t be able to get this close to real lava because of that. At the end we could see the solution fizzing and bubbling and we spoke about how a reaction had been caused.

The children were so amazed even the toddler children wanted to join in and watch what happened.

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