Visit from Royal Logistics Corps (RLC)

On Friday morning at Portland House we had a special visitor from one of The Queens soldiers ‘Lance Corporal Davidson’ who was from the Royal Logistics corps (RLC).

The children took great delight being little soldiers, practising their marching, standing to attention and saluting The Queen. They were absolutely marvellous at this too! First Corporal Davidson talked to the children about his job and that he works for The Queen to keep us all safe. He showed us his special soldier medal that he has which the children noticed had The Queens head on it.

The children were intrigued to hear all about his job and how he helped protect us from 'baddies' sometimes travelling to other countries to help protect people there too. We learned about his special uniform and why the colours on this were very important as they helped him to become ‘camouflaged’ to hide in trees, grass, mud, and even when in the desert.

Some of the children asked what he put in his pockets, Corporal Davidson told them he could put items in such as maps and compasses to find where he needed to go. We noticed the Union Jack flag on his uniform and one of the children asked why he had a medal on his hat, they learned that it was to show which regiment he is with, explaining it was like being in Bluebells, Sunflowers, Poppies etc.

The children in the Poppy room also liked to see Corporal Davidson become invisible and were thrilled to engage in a game of hide and seek around the garden, it was amazing how you couldn’t see him amongst the trees and bushes, it took a while to find him in one of his hiding places can you spot him?

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