Twinkle Boost

Today Portland Poppy Room children had their first visit from Kerry who is a qualified Speech and Language Therapy Assistant as part of a Nursery Programme ‘Chatter Away’. It is specially designed to provide Speech and Language input to children from birth to 5 years through fun interactive classes for the young children to boost the language communication development of all children.

In small groups of six children, we played “What’s in the bag?” pulling out different objects, learning about animals, naming them and copying the sounds they make and taking turns answering questions.

The children played a guessing game where animals were hidden in play dough and we had to guess which one it was when given clues, before revealing it! We then did another activity to test our understanding in which the children were given two pieces of food then asked to give Boost the puppet one of them by name.

We ended the session by lying on our backs with a duck on our tummy and listened to some calming music whilst watching the duck go up and down!

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