The Tiger Who Came to Tea

On Friday 13thMarch 2020 a group of the Sunflowers and Bluebell preschool children at Portland House enjoyed a thrilling afternoon trip out in the local community to the Lawrence Batley Theatre to watch the production of ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’.

The children enjoyed experiencing their journey to and from the theatre, travelling by bus. We have previously been learning all about the different types of transport and travel; for a few of the children it was their first experience of travelling on the bus. Some of the children made new friends as they chattered to 2 elderly ladies who were also travelling on the bus in to town to do their shopping. The children told them all about their adventure of going on the bus because they were visiting the theatre and also what they were going to watch there.

Whilst at the theatre the children eagerly watched the production of one of their very favourite stories, they particularly like the audience participation section in which they joined in with tiger exercises and singing and dancing. They did lots of stretching, wiggling and some absolutely ferrous tiger roars.

After the show had finished the children had a lovely picnic snack in the theatre courtyard on the benches in the sunshine before commencing their return bus journey back to nursery for afternoon tea and they couldn’t wait to tell their parents and friends both big and small all about it.

We are planning to organise our very own Tiger Who came to tea party in which the children can dress as tiger and make masks.

Visits and outings provide the children with rich learning opportunities, including hands-on and interactive experiences, building on what the children are learning in the nursery (before, during and after the trip). They can help the children feel more rooted in their local community and make connections with the outside world.

Outings can stimulate curiosity and inspire new interests, fostering children’s social skills and self-confidence. They can also help promote a sense of wellbeing and healthy living (e.g. by encouraging walking and an enjoyment of the natural environment).

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