Superhero Composters

We all know that our outdoor environment at Oakwood House is a rich, dynamic and natural space ideal for learning and development. The Pre-School children at Oakwood House have recently had a visit from Batman. He called in to talk to the children about composting and what goes in our compost bins. The children have been collecting the fruit peelings from snack and also the paper towels. Daily they take what they have collected to the garden and empty them into our large compost bin.

This is an excellent way of introducing gardening and food growing at Nursery. As part of the FOOD FOR LIFE award we have introduced compost collecting bins in each room and compost bins outside. This is an excellent way to learn about nature and natural processes at the same time as reducing the amount of food and garden waste that we produce and demonstrates recycling in action.

The finished compost will enhance the quality of the soil in our garden and will help the vegetables and plants grow better.

Composting is the foundation of organic gardening and has many benefits. Making compost is not only about providing our soil and plants with a source of food, it is an integral part of working organically and creating less waste. Producing compost reduces waste to landfill, greenhouse gases and dependency upon peat-based growing media and chemical fertilizers, saving money and the environment. Composting also provides a useful way for all of us to explore educational opportunities together.

There are many links in our composting activities to areas of the EYFS including communication, maths and understanding the world.

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