Stick Man Workshop

The Portland House preschool children had a very special visit from a lady called Keisha who works at the Lawrence Batley Theatre. She came to do a workshop based on the Stick Man story as some of our children in holiday club will be visiting the theatre later in the month to watch a performance of Stick Man.

Keisha started by doing a warm up with the children and spoke about how it is important to warm up our bodies before performing just like they do at the theatre.

She then read the story of the Stick Man encouraging the children to join in certain phrases throughout. Afterwards the children took part in a range of activities to recreate the story such as collecting their own sticks and then trying to make themselves look like their chosen stick. They would then go for a jog, get stuck in the sand for which they buried their sticks in a tray of sand, before playing catch on the beach with a big beach ball.

The children then worked collaboratively together to free their sticks from the sand using their sticks to create a large family tree. To the delight of everyone Keisha finished the session with a bubble machine to recreate the snow at the end of the story. All the children loved retelling the story of the Stick Man.

We have our very own stick insects in our preschool focus room which the children enjoy observing and nurturing daily. We are currently on our 4th generation cycle of stick insects which we successfully hatched from eggs in 2019.

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