Solar Energy is Cool

Did you know that just one hour of sunlight provides enough solar energy to power the world's homes for an entire year?

Harlequin Eco Committee is focusing on the topic of Energy today. Children spent all day outside in the garden enjoying the warm weather. We took the opportunity to discuss energy, in particular energy given by the sun (solar), explaining that using solar energy is good for the people, the plants and the environment and we can use it to reduce electricity for heat and light.

Instead of using the laundry dryer, children had a lot of fun hanging nursery’s laundry on the drying rack and asking lots of questions about sun. They were all so excited so we decided to carry on with more activities. Some of the children lay down on the grass composing a circle representing sun, and some others created their own sun by using natural resources they collected from the forest. To extend our preschool children’s learning we encouraged them to read the word ‘sun’ and practice their writing skills by copying the word ‘sun’.

Learning about solar energy puts children in a better position to make right energy choices when they get older. Turning machines off when we’re not using them or choosing energy alternatives - impact our environment and our lives.

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