Smile….Taking good care of our teeth!

Portland Nursery children have been learning about the importance of looking after our teeth and how to keep them healthy through regular daily tooth brushing routines, eating healthily and visiting the dentist for checkups to make sure our teeth and gums are staying healthy and clean.

The Bluebell preschool children have a new dentist role play area which they were eager to show to their parents at the recent Stay and Play.

Today we carried out an experiment which showed how we all have invisible germs and bacteria in our mouth. Lauren had a special red tablet which she crunched in her mouth, it then coloured all the invisible bacteria red. Although Lauren had brushed her teeth in the morning, this experiment showed how important it is to clean your teeth so the bacteria, sugar from drinks and the food particles that sticks to your teeth during the day doesn’t rot them. The children were amazed at how Laurens teeth and tongue had gone bright red where the bacteria was in her mouth.

The children were able to talk in detail about their own experiences of tooth brushing routines at home which they said was important to keep their teeth clean, white and healthy and by not cleaning them they described that they would turn brown and fall out. They also talked about their visits to the dentist and explained that they thought it would be very hard to bite, chew and eat food without any teeth.

We have arranged a special visit from the Dental Hygienist from Lindley Dental Practice in the next few weeks who will be coming to talk to us about her role and how she helps people take care of their teeth and gums.

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