Room on the Broom

On Monday 31st October 2022 each of our nurseries engaged an exciting day full of magical adventures, bringing the story of “Room on the Broom” to real life!

We all had tremendous fun participating in a variety of fun activities and experiments linked to the famous children’s story book which tells the story of a kind witch and her cat who invite three other animals (a dog, a bird and a frog) to join them travelling on her broomstick.

The children came to nursery dressed in their magical themed/autumnal costumes role playing throughout the day with plenty of hocus pocus, enjoying stories and rhymes, broomstick flying, pumpkin experiments and even made scrumptious Spooktacular culinary delights for parents to purchase along with donations raising almost £200.

All proceeds raised at the event will be added to our fundraising pot for this year and donated at to our nominated charity, The Yorkshire Children’s Centre.

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