Remembrance Sunday

The Fairfield preschool have been learning about why we are celebrating this special day, what it means to our country. The children have been concentrating on their fine motor skills when weaving poppy remembrance sticks in the garden. We learn through cause and effect, and that when we found it difficult to wrap the wool around the sticks we kept going or tried a different approach in order to create something for ourselves. We thought of our own ideas when choosing the coloured wool, remembering what we had learnt about the colours of poppies during our morning circle time. The children used their independence skills using scissors to cut different lengths of wool, this encourage children to use mathematical language such as long and short.

The Fairfield toddlers have loved exploring the colours of poppies when creating a large picture using a range of materials and resources. The toddlers made their own choices selecting their own items to explore, using lots of single words when communicating what they were creating. We explored using our senses to move and push the red paint around the paper, the toddlers took much delight telling their key workers what they were doing.

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