Putting the ‘Roar’ into babies - Learning with the Lion Learner!

Lion Learners came to the baby room at Oakwood House to deliver a Christmas story and an animal sensory experience.In total, 30 children, parents and grandparents attended to join in the festive cheer.

The babies enjoyed looking at the mini lop bunny ‘Arthur’ and giving him a kind stroke. The story was a success and the families gave a round of applause when Santa and his animals saved Christmas.

The babies enjoyed the company of a giant millipede, 2 guinea pigs, a lizard, a snake and of course the favourite bunny. Our babies showed very little fear and loved stroking the ridged millipede, the spikey lizard, the cold snake, the hairy guinea pigs and the soft rabbit. It was a very special Stay and Play

Links to learning Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Making Relationships 8-20mths Interacts with others and others and explores new situations when supported by a familiar person.

16-26mths Uses a familiar adult as a secure base from which to explore independently in new environments, e.g. ventures away to play and interact with others, but returns for a cuddle or reassurance if becomes anxious. Self-confidence and self-awareness 8-20mths Uses pointing with eye gaze to make requests, and to share an interest. Understanding the world: The world 8-20mths Closely observes what animals, people and vehicles do

Characteristics of Effective Learning Playing and exploring – engagement Finding out and exploring, Showing curiosity about objects, events and people, Using senses to explore the world around them

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