Pre-school Trip to Lindley Grange Care Home

Oakwood House Pre-school enjoyed a wonderful visit to Lindley Grange Care Home at Lindley today. We walked from nursery and the children used fantastic listening skills, walking really well and keeping safe. On the way there we spoke about the different things we could see in the environment, playing ‘I Spy’ using our phonics sounds. When we arrived at the care home we were greeted by their activities co-ordinator who led us into the lounge to meet the men and women who lived there. We said Hello and sat in a circle ready to sing some songs. The children decided to sing “If you’re happy and you know it” because they wanted to make everyone “smile”. The elderly residents joined in clapping their hands and stamping their feet, this made pre-school smile. We then had a small ‘frozen show’ that Connie, Florence, Zaha and Amelia did, they brought their favourite fancy dress outfits and sang “Let it go” in beautiful voices! We then went and met the residents, holding their hands and talking to them, this made the elderly people extremely happy. We finished by enjoying some juice and giving the men and women buns that we had made for them at nursery before our visit. The ladies that looked after the elderly residents asked us to come back and visit at Christmas time and we said “we would love to”.

Links to EYFS Personal, Social and emotional development: Making relationships ‘Demonstrated friendly behaviour, initiating conversation and forming good relationships with peers and adults.'

Personal, Social and emotional development: Managing feelings and behaviour ‘Can usually adapt behaviour to different events, social situations and changes in routine.'

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