Portland House Spring Projects

As we enter this amazing spring season of exciting changes in our environments we have been very busy at Portland House implementing a variety of growing activities across the nursery. After attending a Spring in to nature workshop at the Excellence centre the preschool teams were inspired to purchase a new poem book ‘I am the seed that grew the tree’ by Fiona Waters, which provides a beautiful poem for every day of the year. Staff are sharing this with the children on a daily basis and also with their parents through I connect. The children look forward to their daily poems and will often ask for them to be read and they particularly like to hear new words enriching their vocabulary and understanding. A noticing nature table has been introduced in the preschools investigations areas where the children can also bring items to the table from their travels, gardens and care and nurture their growth and observe and record their changes.

The children have enjoyed exploring the process of how we can grow plants from seeds and the different compartments of the plants and what they need to be provided with for them to grow. This has included beans, vegetables and flowers and we are currently nurturing these in our outdoor planters around the nursery gardens. The growing activities provide rich opportunities to cover all aspects of the EYFS for which the children can be fully involved and engaged in.

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