Planting Seeds

Holly Bank’s new cook Jamie has been offering the children a helping hand when they planted vegetable seeds this month.

The children have been learning how seeds grow and have helped add compost to the soil beds to then plant carrot, onion and lettuce seeds! Millicent observing soil beds & pointing to lettuce leaves “I can see the leaves, they are starting to grow” Emily said “They need watering don’t they otherwise they will die”, Millicent then added “My Mummy had a plant and it died and the head fell off”

The children are also excited about growing strawberries (which seem to be a favourite fruit) Jamie helped the children plant strawberry plants too. Ella (helping water strawberries) “If we put water on it, it will turn red and then we can eat it, I love strawberries they’re my favourite fruit. I have strawberry yoghurt at my house”

We have been carefully watering our seeds and plants and we are happy the sun is now shining to help them grow!

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