People who help us

To promote ‘Health Week’ we had a special visit from Mathew Edmondson’s mummy.

She is a physiotherapist and came to talk to us about the importance of exercise when we are three and four and how this helps make our muscles and bones become strong when we are older. Mathew’s mummy’s job involves making people better. She sometimes works at the hospital but sometimes people are too poorly to even visit the hospital so she is very kind and visits them at home to make them better. She wears a white uniform and has a special badge so people know she is a helper and not a stranger. Mathew’s mummy cares for grown-ups, not children, she helps them if they have fallen or been in an accident that makes their muscles or bones poorly. She helps teach people exercises to make them better and stronger.

We talked about some of the exercises we like to do – swimming, dancing, walking, riding bikes and playing in the park or Bluebell’s garden. Mathew’s mummy brought some of the tools she uses to make people better for us to have a look at – like a measure that measures how far you can bend your elbow. Mathew demonstrated he couldn’t bend his so his mummy measured it, showed him how to exercise and it was fixed. She also uses a hammer, but not like a builder’s one, this is soft and you tap it on people’s bodies to test how they are moving and if their muscles are working correctly. She also uses a knife to test if people can feel, but the most important tools she uses are her hands and eyes.

The most important lesson we learned is that if we exercise and eat healthily when we are young we will be bigger and stronger when we are older.

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