People who help us – visit from the police

This month at Portland House we have been learning all about people who help us within our local area.

The children in the poppy room have had a very exciting visit from two police officers who brought in their police van to show us. We each had a turn climbing into the back of the police van to have a look around, the police lady told us all about the siren on the police van with one child pointing and telling everyone it’s on top of the van. The children were extremely excited listening and watching the siren and lights flashing.

Once we were back inside the policeman then came to talk to the children about his role as a police officer, he showed us his radio explaining what he uses it for and that the police catch the people who are misbehaving or doing things wrong. He also brought in some police uniforms and hats for the children to have a go trying them on. All of the children did some great sharing and taking turns to try on the police uniform.

At the end of the day the children enjoyed telling their parents all about our special visitors.

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