People Who Help Us - Visit from our local Dentist

We were very excited in our Portland House preschool groups to have a visit from 2 dental nurses that work at Lindley Dental practice across the road from nursery. They came to tell us all about their special jobs as Dental Hygienists and how they help people to keep their teeth and mouths healthy.

We learnt how important it is to clean our teeth twice a day and they introduced us to their special friend who was a dinosaur with dentures. They demonstrated how to give our teeth a clean using a good brushing technique and the children loved having a turn at cleaning his gnashes.

Our visitors were super amazed by some of the knowledge the children already knew about their dental routines and hygiene necessary for preventing ‘cavities’ in their teeth and the importance of avoiding sugary snacks and drinks.

All the children were given a special goodie bag to take home which would help them to keep their teeth healthy with a tooth brush, tooth paste and a 2 minute timer so they would know how long to keep brushing their teeth along with some games, stickers and information leaflets for our families to read.

The dental nurses also brought us some items for our Dentist role play area, such as protective clothing that they wear e.g. masks, aprons, gloves and posters and leaflets to display in our surgery for our ‘Dental patients’.

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