People who help us - A day in the life of a police officer

The Portland House preschool children had a visit from police officer Pete who came especially to talk to us all about his very special job and how he helps keep people safe in our local community.

Policeman Pete asked the children what they thought a policeman would do to help keep them safe the children replied ‘catch naughty people’. Pete explained to the children that he needed to wear a special uniform, and he brought some different types of hats that the police men and ladies wear. He also brought along a high visibility jacket which he might put on to direct traffic so people can see him better and a bullet proof jacket and a helmet with a visor. He explained that these help to protect the police officers for example should anything be thrown at his head. The children had the opportunity to try them on and feel how heavy the bullet proof vest was to wear.

The children also learnt about the special equipment that Policeman Pete had to carry on his belt which he would use to help him catch people who were misbehaving and take them to the police station. He showed the children how he would put on handcuffs and that he would need a key to unlock them, there was a strap he would use to put around peoples legs to stop them running away and also a new item on his belt in a special pouch was a hood that he could put over ‘naughty’ people’s heads to stop them trying to spit or bite the police officers.

Policeman Pete also gave a demonstration of a spray that he could also use, it was filled with water as it was only pretend for us and the children laughed as it sprayed in a big fountain down the garden.

Next Policeman Pete showed the children his truncheons the first one had to be small to fit on his belt but it was like a magic wand as when he flicked it, it became much longer. The children thought it was rather like a lightsaber. He also showed them a truncheon he would use if he was a police officer riding a horse as it needs to be much longer to be able to reach people with it.

We would like to say a big thank you to Policeman Pete for taking the time to come and talk to us about his very important job and helping keeping us all safe.

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