Pancake Day Fun

Pancake Fun

We celebrated Pancake Day in style at Oakwood House baby room. The children enjoyed playing with the pots and pans as they helped make pretend pancakes. The older babies really enjoyed the imaginative aspect of this play and put the pots in the oven in our home corner.

At snack time we had pancakes! The babies joined in and selected the pancakes they wanted to taste. We teamed the pancakes up with fresh fruit to make them sweet! The babies made excellent choices and the older ones asked for ‘ more….ta; how wonderful. Happy Pancake Day.

EYFS PSED, MR 8-20mths ‘Interacts with others and explores……’ CL – S ‘Uses single words’ ‘Imitates words and sounds’ PD H&SC 8-20mths ‘Grasps finger foods…..’ M S, S+M 8-20mths ‘Gets to know and enjoy daily routines…..’ SC + SA 8-20mths ‘Gradually able to engage in pretend play with toys..’

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