Pancake Day already? That crêped up on us!

The children at Harlequin Nursery had lots of fun this week learning about Shrove Tuesday, especially the part where they got to try Pancakes! They enjoyed taste testing different types of pancakes with various toppings while talking about all the different tastes, textures and colours and counting all the toppings. They also listened to a story about Easter and learnt why Christians celebrate Shrove Tuesday.

The children then made pretend pancakes and toppings out of Playdough, showing great imagination and creativity.

Once outside all the children got involved in a pancake race! Developed from the classic egg and spoon race, the children had to keep a pancake in a pan while tackling an obstacle course. We were very impressed as not one child dropped their pancake! The children showed brilliant team work by cheering each other on and taking turns!

Once everyone had run the course lots of children had a go at tossing pancakes into the air to see how high they could get them!

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