Oakwood House Parent and Baby group

Oakwood’s first Parent and Baby group was a great success. It gave our new parents a wonderful opportunity to make friends and to have a good chat. We hope to continue this on a monthly basis and include sessions on rhyme time, tummy time, and sensory experiences for the babies. These sessions provide parents with an opportunity to play with their child, giving them their undivided attention, away from the distractions of home. It also gives new parents an opportunity to meet the staff who will be caring for their child and help with the transition into nursery. Parents and their children will become familiar with the nursery, routines and introduce them to nursery life. It will also give these babies opportunities to experience new activities. Feedback from the group was excellent with comments like “I particularly liked the interaction with all age babies and George got to play in sand for the first time!” “It was a really lovely group and a great introduction to nursery” “It was a great opportunity to meet other mums and for the babies to get to be familiar with the environment.”

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