National Library Week

To celebrate ‘National Library Week’ the Portland House babies took a little trip out to the local library in Lindley on Monday 2nd October 2023. On the way to the library we spoke all about what we could see and hear pointing out the trees, cars, clock tower, shops and sounds of the ambulance. The babies happily looked all around pointing to a few things, babbling and using single words to name what they could see and hear.

We stopped on a few occasions to watch the buses drive past us pointing and waving, we even got a few waves back.

When we arrived at the library the babies were keen to get out of the pram and explore their new surroundings. We spent lots of time looking at books together, self-selecting them from the boxes and shelves choosing our favourites.

The babies especially liked the books with animals in naming them and making sounds. We also did a little bit of drawing while sat at the table using crayons.

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