Mini Professors!

The Portland House Bluebell children enjoyed their first science session with Professor Emma this week.

Mini Professors are science based classes specifically written for preschool aged children. They allow the children to get hands on with science and learn that science really is all around us. Each session lasts 45 minutes and consists of hands on experiments, storytelling, videos, songs and lots of fun.

Our Mini Professors were given a special lab coat to wear and the opportunity to experience different chemical reactions. They started the session learning a special welcome science song and went on to lean about the 3 primary colours red, yellow and blue. They then mixed the colours together and created secondary colours orange, green, purple and talked about how we could create any colour with these combinations. The children used beakers of water using and pipettes to carefully pour and mix the liquids together to create a rainbow of colours!

For the second experiment each professor had to wear some special goggles to protect their eyes and were given a beaker by Professor Emma containing a clear liquid. She told them we must not drink it and asked them to guess what it was by smelling it. Some of the children correctly identified it as vinegar! The professors were amazed when they added a spoonful of powder with a magic ingredient to create their very own potion of over flowing fizzy frothy primary coloured bubbles as they stirred it into their beakers.

At the end of the session the professors had a discussion about what they had learnt about the colours and sang a special science goodbye song. We are thoroughly looking forward to our next science lesson and what we will learn and discover.

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