Making Scent Bags

This month the Harlequin Daisies have been making some scent bags. We used lavender; lemon grass; cinnamon sticks; star anise; whole cloves and dried orange slices. These are all the different smells for the babies to learn and experience.

We emptied all of the herbs into the tuff tray along with the bags for the babies to explore before helping to put the smellies into bags. We felt the textures and shapes and used lots of descriptive words which some of the babies repeating extending their vocabulary. We worked on our fine motor skills by putting the small herb pieces into their cloth bags. The babies used lots of pincer grasps to pick herbs up, then used co-ordination to hold the bag in the other hand and add to it.

So now we have lovely little scent bags in the Daisy room to discover each week and continue to learn about smells.

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