Let it Snow

While the wintery weather can often cause chaos for many, the children at Oakwood House Nursery and Forest School took full advantage of the snow fall on Thursday 29th January.

The snow is a wonderful spontaneous opportunity for the children to have fun outdoors. For some of the children, it was their first time to experience snow and the staff at Oakwood House wanted to make the most of the winter wonderland.

The children, from babies through to pre-school loved exploring the snow, its temperature, texture and how it melts when held. The Toddlers and Pre-school children became very creative when building with the snow and created some fabulous snowmen using various objects they collected from the garden to decorate them. They learnt about the complexities of problem solving as they moulded the snow into different designs. Some building mini igloos and dens.

They particularly liked making shapes in the snow especially snow angels and were comparing size of footprints and the different patterns their boots were making. They also perfected their social skills as they took turns while sledging. A great time was had by children and staff alike and the screams of laughter as they sped down the slope were joyful.

This type of play in its organic form; experimenting, discovering, problem solving, negotiating, and creating all wrapped up with the emotion of joy is priceless.

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