Knot it, Tie it, Lash it

The children at Oakwood House have really enjoyed todays Forest School session with Adam from Holly Bank. Adam is visiting us weekly as part of his Forest School training. Today’s session started with the name game. The children gathered in a circle and threw a bean bag to each other and when they caught it they had to shout out their name. This is a great activity for children learning hand eye co-ordination and catching skills.

The children then collected some sticks and began practicing knots to tie the sticks together. In Forest School we use rope and string to practice knots, it’s an essential part of our activities. Knots can be incorporated into a variety of different activities; shelter building, forest craft and team work games.

As part of our outdoor sessions a variety of knots and lashings are practiced. To be able to successfully tie one thing to another is a fantastic life skill to learn and a great fun activity.

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