January in the Daisies!

The Portland House Daisy children have had a very busy first month back after the Christmas break. We have been spending lots of time exploring outdoors mark marking with jumbo chalks, playing hide and seek in the large tunnel and of course making lots of mud pies in the mud kitchen! We woke up to a winter wonderland and were lucky enough to have snow which we explored outdoors in indoors. The children felt the different texture and watched as it began to melt.

We have been preparing for Chinese New Year – the year of the tiger creating lanterns using bright colours and lots of glitter. We’re looking forward to trying Yannick's yummy spring rolls on the day.

Following on from the interests of the children we have been spending a lot of time looking after our baby dollies. We have been giving them baths wrapping them up in towels and talking about their features. We have even been helping to put their nappies on and feeding them using the cutlery and role play food from the home corner.

We’re looking forward to seeing what next term will bring with lots of exciting things planned such as ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’ where we will be planning lots of sensory activities and music sessions.

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