I spy with my little eye …….. is it a bird, is it a nest?

The Portland House Preschool children have been considering the needs of our native birds after following some woodland bird watching, they have created some natural bird feeders and hung them around the woodland area.

The children tied wool to pinecones and coated them in a sticky bird mixture. Once this had set they found high spots in the woodland to hang these tasty treats away from predators. This activity lead to some wonderful discussions about native animals needs in the winter, their habitats and what food is available throughout the year.

In anticipation of the RSPB big bird watch the children were carefully using binoculars to see what birds we had visiting in our Portland garden, we then looked on the guide to see if we could see what the birds are called. We also enjoyed drawing some of our findings. We even spotted a nest up in the tree too.

What birds can you spot this weekend in your garden or whilst out on your walks?

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