I am the music man!

Today Lewis one of our new apprentices at Portland House brought one of his musical instruments into nursey from home for the children to explore. He set it up in our music area when the children went to explore, they found the new instrument.

A group of the children gathered round as Lewis began to talk to them about the instrument, asking questions such as do you know what this instrument is called? what does it sound like? do you know how it’s played?

The children then listened as Lewis played them a familiar song which was Baby Shark, the children smiled with great delight, and some sang along to the words. Lewis then gave the children the opportunity to have a go and play the keyboard one at a time, he had pre-selected three songs that he thought would be familiar to the children these were, twinkle twinkle little star, baby shark and London’s bridge.

To help the children learn these songs he used a white board and chalk pens and put coloured dots on the white board in key order to each of the songs he then put the same-coloured dots on the correct keys so the children could have ago at playing the songs.

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