Hyacinth or Tulip!

The children in preschool at Holly Bank have made a start on their first batch of planting for the year. They have followed instructions carefully and filled their pots with soil, before choosing a bulb (either Hyacinth or Tulip – a lucky dip!) to plant. The pots are made of recycled plastic and we talked about how we can reuse some things and the children agreed that the pots could be recycled again when they were finished.

The children have taken their bulbs home to care for and watch them grow (this means that even if a child can’t attend nursery they can still observe the growing process).

As the plants grow the children will be watching to see which type of flower they get, how tall they grow and what colour their flowers will be. They will be developing their maths skills by measuring and recording the results on a tally chart. This work will go towards our Eco-Schools project as part of our Biodiversity topic.

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