Healthy Body Happy Me at Holly Bank

All week the children at Holly Bank have been taking part in the NDNA’s* 'Healthy Body Happy Me' week. We have learnt about keeping active and how fun it is to spend time outside in the fresh air (but we already knew that!) We’ve also learnt about germs and how it’s really important to wash our hands properly to keep the nasty bugs out of our tummies. All the children listened very careful and gave all the right answers when asked about what we can do to keep healthy and happy!

We ended the week with 'Breakfast Time' this morning and invited all the mummies to come and have breakfast with us. We all enjoyed a healthy breakfast with cereal, fruit and some other tasty treats. The Mummies and Daddies enjoyed having their breakfast and a little play before they all had to go to work.

*National Day Nurseries Association's Healthy Body Happy Me:

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