Harvest Time

Toddlers and staff from Holly Bank Nursery have made a special trip to Alwoodleigh Nursing Home to celebrate the Harvest Festival with the residents. The children presented a basket of home grown organic courgettes, turnips and carrots that they have grown in the nursery garden this year. They also made a beetroot and chocolate cake and sang some of their favourite songs.

Debbie Platt the Nursery Manager explains “This is a great learning experience for the children, not only have we enjoyed talking about the Harvest Festival the children can relate this to their own nursery vegetable garden.

They have been involved in the growing cycle from start to finish, planting the seeds, watering, weeding and finally harvesting the vegetables. We have also been using the vegetables in our nursery cooking.

It is also important for the children to learn about the community around us and making this trip to our local care home will help them understand how important it is to help the local people. “

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