Harvest Festival

Fairfield preschool children have been enjoying learning about the harvest festival, we have talked about different fruit and vegetables and how they are grown, either from a tree on in the ground. We have been looking at how we help our vegetables to grow and what farmers do to protect their crops, preschool have then made their very own scarecrow to watch over our harvest festival collection.

Our toddlers have been exploring fruit and vegetables indoors and outside, we have added vegetables from lunch into the mud kitchen and have enjoyed making dinner for our friends. Talking about the different textures, smells and colours while we mix everything together. Toddlers have been extending their understanding and use of vocabulary reading farm books with their keyworkers and making a harvest festival tuff tray. Toddlers have also been exploring the soup and smoothie making station, sharing and taking turns and listening to what each other’s preferences are.

Our babies have been investigating what’s on the farm with a small world tuff tray exploring the different animals and vehicles. We have been practising making vocalisations for different animals when joining in singing old McDonald had a farm using our singing spoons. The babies have been using cause and effect when pushing and pulling the tractor and when building and balancing making enclosures for the animals.

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