Happy Gardeners!

The children in the Poppy room at Portland House have recently been taking a keen interest in gardening and learning all about how we can grow and care for our plants.

We started with seeds planting them in small pots, the children carefully watered them each day while watching and commenting on how much they have grown. We discussed how the seeds need lots of water, sunlight and care to help them grow big and strong like they are.

Outside in the garden we have planted some fruit bushes including raspberries, strawberries and blackberries which the children were very excited about. This sparked lots of conversations about what fruits and vegetables the children like to eat at home, some children even told us about what fruits they were growing at home as well.

We also have some new woodland planters for our Poppy garden, a badger, fox, mouse and hedgehog, the children take pride talking to the woodland animals each morning, we have planted some beautiful flowers inside them with all the children each taking it in turns to water them.

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