Happy Chinese New Year 2018- ‘Year of the Dog’

The children at Portland House have been enjoying the festivities as we celebrate ‘Chinese New Year’ and embrace the year of the dog. Activities have been in abundance this week as we have looked at people who are special to us and have come dressed to nursery each day this week wearing something red and learnt about the Chinese New Year Festival and how the Chinese people celebrate this event.

Here are a few of the many exciting things we have been busy doing:

Sunflowers made a fantastic fire breathing Chinese Dragon called ‘Smokey’ who took great delight dancing around the garden this afternoon mesmerising the children who were playing in the garden.

Bluebells tested their skills using chopsticks with afternoon tea eating their vegetable noodle broth and also loved tasting Debbie’s Chinese spring rolls too.

Poppies have had discussions at their group times about how our families celebrate this festival and our Chinese parents told us about the special red envelopes that the Chinese people get for gifts and the family meal they enjoy together.

Buttercups invited parents/carers to join them in a Stay and Play event this morning where parents/carers experienced a variety of activities for the children to explore, sang songs and rhymes about dogs.

Daisies very kindly had a Chinese outfit donated by one of their parents, which the children have enjoyed dressing up in and dancing to Chinese music. They made super Chinese New Year cards to take home at their Stay and Play event.

Funclub walking bus was turned into the conga Chinese New Year dragon, being serenaded by our member of the Lindley Junior training choir who have won 3rd place in the Mrs Sunderland singing completion- Congratulations on this award!!

We would like to say a big Thank You to all parents who joined us for all your contributions and involvement with this week’s events. Particularly to the parents who have agreed to come in and talk to the children about their celebrations and help us to learn new things. We have seen some very beautiful outfits, proudly worn by the children.


As we enter into the year of the dog we will be looking to sponsor a puppy, the children will learn how as the puppy grows he will train to do a very important job of helping a person who is blind. It takes a very special dog to be a guide dog - they help to give those affected by sight loss independence and a loving, loyal companion.

We will be learning and celebrating differences over the coming months and one aspect of this will be how people can help us. All the children will be involved in choosing the puppy they want to sponsor next week in a vote and we will update you with further details of this exciting adventure as it unfolds.

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