Happiness Day - Mad March Hare Parade

The International Day of Happiness is celebrated every year on March 20th to promote happiness, well-being, and a more compassionate world.

The happiness celebration day was the perfect day to coincide with in our Mad March Hare Parade!

The children at Portland House donned their homemade spring hats to take part in our annual sponsored Mad March Hare parade in the garden. Not to be dampened by todays rain fall everyone’s spirits were high as the babies, toddlers and preschool staff and children had a tremendous time taking part in todays sponsored challenge charity event.

They moved around the garden with great gusto taking on the movements of various spring animals as they buzzed like bees, marched like ants, wiggled like caterpillars, jumped like frogs, hopped like bunnies and fluttered like butterflies whilst completing many, many laps whilst laughing and singing in the rain.

All The children made their own unique spring head wear for the parade and will receive a certificate at the end of today’s challenge. All funds raised will support our nominated charity the ‘Fresh Futures – previously called Yorkshire Children’s Charity’.

There is still plenty of time to sponsor the children, it would be much appreciated if you would kindly bring in all donations and sponsorship monies collected by Thursday 28th March so we can total up our collections.

If your child does not usually attend today you could join in with the event too by taking part in this activity at home please remember to upload your photos to parents zone and your key person will organise your certificate!

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