Germ Experiments - Promoting Healthy Body, Happy Me!

The children have been learning the vital importance of good hand washing skills this week by taking part in some fun mini science experiments.

For our first experiment on Monday we learned the importance of soap and how it has the job of keeping the germs away. To do this pepper was sprinkled into a bowl of water, the children put their fingers into the water and then once they removed them they could see the pepper sticking to their fingers. Next a squirt of soap was put onto their finger and as they dipped it back into the bowl of water the children could see the pepper that had been floating on the top quickly dispersing away from their finger to the edge of the bowl.

For our second experiment on Tuesday glitter was added to the water in the bowl, next soap was then added into the water so we could see how the glitter stuck to the soap. Taking turns the children dipped their hands into the bowl and could then observe how the glitter that represented the germs that are so minute that we are unable to see with our eyes, sticks to our skin. A squirt of the antibacterial liquid soap was then put onto their glittery hands, each child practised their stringent hand washing routine whilst singing their new hand washing song that they have learnt at nursery.

(Sing to the tune of Frère Jacques)

‘Tops and bottoms, tops and bottoms.

Action- (Whilst rubbing soap on the tops and palms of hands)

In between, in between.

Action- (Whilst rubbing soap in between the fingers)

Wash your hands all over, wash your hands all over

Action- (whilst rubbing soap all over the hands and wrist areas)

Nice and clean, nice and clean.

Action- (whilst continuing rubbing soap all over the hands and wrist areas)

***Once finished song rinsing off the soap with warm running water.

For our third experiment on Wednesday a glove was filled with sand to make a model of our hand, marks were then drawn on to the glove to represent the germs. The children practised washing off these marks whilst singing the hand washing song and carrying out the actions. Squeals of laughter could be heard as the hand washing got so rigours the glove went ‘POP’.

During the experiments we discussed the importance of washing our hands and keeping away germs that can spread infections and make us sick. We also thought about how germs can be spread in the environment for example through touching coughing and sneezing. We then talked about when we need to wash our hands such as after blowing our nose, coughing, playing outside, when we’ve been to the toilet and before touching or eating food.

At Holly Bank we put a lot of focus into teaching children good health & self-care skills from the day they start with us. This week the preschool children have been learning more about why it is important to wash our hands.

To start with they talked about germs and how quickly they could spread, as well as how important it is that we wash our hands properly to get rid of the germs. The children practiced their washing techniques including “the spider” (fingernails on palms) and “the snake” (one hand on top of the other and fingers slither into the gaps).

Next, the children used some biodegradable glitter to represent germs on their hands. They each chose a toy to pick up and put down and were able to see how quickly the “germs” transferred from their hands.

To finish off, the children put all their knowledge together and used their practised techniques to wash the glitter germs off and have lovely clean hands again.

Don’t underestimate the power of hand washing, when we come into contact with germs, we can become infected just by touching our eyes, nose, or mouth. Once we are infected, it's usually just a matter of time before others can down with the same illness.

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