Fun Club Adventures!

The Holiday Club have had some great adventures over the summer holidays.

Here are some of the highlights

We took a day trip to Oakwood House Forest School and spent the day in the woodland immersing ourselves in Forest School activities. We collected lots of sticks and made a campfire which we then lit and toasted popcorn over it! We also whittled wood and made our own picture frames from the twigs and leaves on the woodland floor.

Our visit to Airtime Trampoline Park was very energetic. We bounced, balanced and fought against each other on the beam, failing into the sponge pit. Foot Golf at Bradley Park Golf Club was also another great trip out.

Jumping Clay was a great success again. We created our own Harry Potter models to take home. Annie-Bobbins came for a visit to Holiday Club. She helped us to create our own broomsticks and Emma the excitable trained us to fly and levitate our broomsticks. We designed our very own “Hairy Harry Potter heads” and attached them to small pots. We are looking forward to watching them grow.

Sarah from “Homely at Hebden” (one of the mums from our after school club) came in to visit and helped us to create pencil pots from cereal boxes, panted rocks and showed us how to recycle and upcycle items. We created robots from all sorts of recycled items. We made wind chimes and our own natural perfume from grass, leaves and flowers found in the garden.

We are all looking forward to the Oct half term for lots of spooky Halloween fun!

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