For the love of books!

This week Portland House celebrated our love of books through lots of different activities across the nursery to reading stories in unusual places both indoors and outdoors to making our own cave drawing illustrations with Simon during our morning preschool Forest school session and making up our own story adventures on National Read a Story Day which took place on Wednesday 6th September.

On the National Literacy Day on Friday 8th September a preschool group of children visited the community library at Harlequin Nursery. We enjoyed a lovely environmental walk to our sister nursery in Edgerton taking note of our changing environment looking at golden leaves that had started to fall on the ground. We passed a sleeping squirrel who was still snoozing on our return journey and looked out for familiar signs, trees and plants. The green man helped us cross the road at the pedestrian crossing and we practiced our stop look and listen for our road safety on our route to the library and nursery.

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