First Aid for Children

The children in Oakwood House pre-school have had an exciting time this morning learning essential First Aid Life Skills.

The children were taught in a fun way, very hands on and really enjoyed the session.

The workshop provided the children with the skills and knowledge to recognise a variety of first aid situations and how to deal with them and summon help. They had easy to use manikins to practice on and now know when to summon help, how to check if someone is breathing, how to deliver chest compressions, how to help someone who is choking, bleeding or help someone who has suffered a burn.

All the children are now capable of helping someone in an emergency situation if they are given the opportunity to learn and develop skills which they can use for the rest of their lives.

The workshop covered:

* What is first aid and who can deliver first aid * When and how to get help * How to check if someone is responsive * What to do if you think a casualty is not breathing * The choking casualty * What to do if someone is bleeding * What to do if someone suffers a burn

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