Exploring the Great outdoors

The Portland House Buttercup babies have had tremendous fun exploring the outdoors with the wonderful experiences that the winter season brings such as wind, snow and rain. Their favourite place is down at the bottom of the garden in the secret magical woodland area where they have been cooking up woodland treats in the rustic kitchen.

They have been skilfully practising their physical skills climbing the stair case to the tree top house where they have opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the activities going on in our garden and to see beyond the boundaries of the nursery where they could see the different vehicles busily driving up and down the road.

The babies showed off their own driving skills on the tricycles and also had opportunity for steering a sledge in the snow (with a little help from the adults). They had fun in their outdoor suits rolling off the sledge and making patterns in the snow and jumping in the melting snow and rain filled puddles.

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