Doctor, Doctor

On Monday 24th July preschool children at Portland House had a special visit from one of the children’s parents who came to tell us all about his important job as a doctor. DR Coates brought with him his special doctors bag which contained lots of items that he used in his surgery for the children to explore.

Inside the bag the children had the opportunity to have a go with some of the equipment such as a stethoscope which enabled us to listen to our hearts and breathing in and out so we could hear this inside our bodies, they also enjoyed having a go with the blood pressure monitor which we learnt tells us how fast our heart is pumping the blood around our bodies.

Dr Coates brought lots of items for our role play area to use for a doctors surgery e.g. information leaflets, facemasks, gloves which the children took great delight in trying on. He very kindly brought in a story book all about a child with heart problems and how we need to eat healthily to look after ourselves.

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